3 Reasons Sharing the Gospel Isn't as Scary as You Think

For most, the idea of walking up to someone, starting a conversation and attempting to share the gospel brings fear to their hearts.

Moreover, trying to share the gospel with a friend or family member often seems just as scary, if not worse.

We understand this fear associated with sharing our faith and because of it, we often pass on opportunities to share the hope that lives within us.

There have been multiple occasions that I have "chickened out" of chances to share the gospel with friends and strangers.

There seems to be a level of catastrophizing in our thinking in regard to evangelism, that is, we have irrational thoughts surrounding the possibility of making a mistake like "If I say something wrong this person is going to end up in hell".

Notice, the error in thinking is not the understanding of the other persons possible destiny (the fact that if this person does not trust Christ they will go to hell). Rather, the error is in regard to where responsibility is placed.

God can use us and our words even if we make a mistake or say something wrong in talking to an unbeliever. Thus, we ought not let wrong thinking get in the way of us stepping out and sharing the gospel.

Usually, we either make excuses like "he/she probably doesn't want to talk about this stuff right now" or we let misunderstandings of what sharing the gospel really looks like get in the way.

Today, I want to demystify some of the misnomers around what evangelism and hopefully help you realize that sharing the gospel isn't as scary as you think!

1. It's Just a Conversation

- You know how to talk to people, right? Of course you do! Sometime we get to thinking that we need to be master debaters before going out to witness, when the fact is that most people you are going to talk to aren't going to be master debaters themselves.

They are just regular people that think about the big questions of life, they have questions and having a conversation with them may be easier then you think.

2. You're More Prepared Then You Think You Are

- This is similar to the last one, regardless, many people feel ill equip to share their faith. To that point, I do believe it very important that we always try to learn and study issues of apologetics and worldview, however, we too often use that as an excuse to not begin.

We say things like "After I learn and study more then I'll be ready to share my faith."

I don't believe these to be valid excuses.

Think about a Christian 12 year old, are they ready to share the gospel?

Well, do they know the gospel? If they're a Christian they do!

Do they know the intricacies of apologetic arguments and philosophical foundations for the existence of God? Probably not, but even a young Christian has enough knowledge to share his/her testimony and that is certainly being a witness for Christ.

All that being said, there is always places we need to grow in, but you are more ready to share your faith then you think!

3. God is with You

- Last one.

To often we feel alone in this endeavor, but we are not on a solo mission. God is laboring with us in the midst of all of this. He is also working within yours and the other person's heart for His glory.

I want to encourage you to take time to reorient your perspective and awareness to God's presence with you. I truly believe that that will be a game changer in regard to how you approach sharing the gospel with others.

Remember, God is with you in this. He's not just standing over you like a boss, inspecting how you are sharing the gospel, making sure your doing it right. He is actively working all things out for your good and his glory.

Don't forget that!

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