3 Tips To Help You Get Stuff Done

We all have things we need to get done, some more important than others, but these things are related to different areas of responsibility in our lives.

The problem comes when we get distracted and either delay accomplishing these tasks or put them off altogether.

These roadblocks can come in the form of distractions like our phone or social media or that of disorganization and lack of strategy

We wish we could get past these roadblocks, but too often we are losers in this battle in trying to accomplish our tasks.

I believe that not only do these roadblocks prevent us from accomplishing the task that we want to accomplish, but also our ability to serve God faithfully.

because of this, I want to encourage you with a couple points of strategy that can help you better minimize distractions and get to the important stuff.

1. Organize tasks by level of urgency

Too many people meander around their responsibilities with no purposeful action. I don't want that for you.

That's why I want to encourage you to take this first simple step of writing all your tasks out, then ranking them by the level of urgency associated with each task.

By doing this, the first task on the list should be one of the greatest urgency. If you follow through with this strategy, it will greatly decrease the likelihood that one of your tasks or responsibilities will fall through the cracks.

2. Streamline the way you remember to do things

When you realize you need to do something, what do you do?

Do you do it right away?

Well most likely you don't do it immediately, you probably think to yourself, I'll do that later, but what happens too often is that we forget.

My encouragement to you is to streamline the way you account for tasks you need to accomplish, that is, that when you realize a new responsibility needs to be fulfilled, you don't just try to remember it, you don't just try to write it down on a random piece of paper that you'll never find.

Rather, you have a designated place where you can gather all this information for the next time you are available to work on it.

Either have this designated place be a notebook or a task reminder app (my recommendation is “Todoist”)

3. Don't keep your phone within arm's reach

The biggest roadblock that many face is more than just disorganization and lack of strategy, but it is the distraction of the internet and social media.

To combat this, my advice is simple. When you are trying to complete a task, don't have your phone near you while you work.

As I write this, I am sitting on the floor with a notepad in my hand (which I will copy to a document in the computer when I'm finished), but my phone is about 6 feet away from me.

Now if you are not of the millennial or Gen Z generations, then this may sound unnecessary or extreme, but actually, for many this is the greatest roadblock they can be removed while we try to write or study or any number of other tasks that could be sidetracked by a notification or sudden urge to check social media.

I hope these tips have helped you in your situation, I have found these strategies and methods to be helpful for me, but if you find out that's not the same for you, that's alright.

But it won't hurt to try :)

You may find out that you can be more efficient in your life and more importantly, better serve God and others around you!

Thanks for reading!