4 Keys To Daily Kindness: "Love Is" (Part 2)

Here are 4 Keys to Daily Kindness!

  1. Remember why

All too often nowadays, kindness can seem like icing on the cake of daily interactions. That is,  kindness is no longer expected, but simply an extra gesture that should be commended.

As Christians, we can fall into "the ditch" of simply being kind because we feel it make us better than those who are not kind or because we think it gives us a couple extra notches on our Christian belt.

Instead, kindness should be a natural out-flowing of the kindness that Christ showed us. Kindness then is a vessel to exemplify God's love for other people and is for His glory.

2. Perspective is everything

Now that I've addressed the more theological side of kindness, I want to give you some of the pragmatic benefits. You see, God will often give us gifts that will benefit us emotionally, physiologically, and mentally, not just spiritually.

Kindness has the ability to break down walls and repair a broken spirit. Furthermore, when you treat others with kindness, it can show you new aspects of God's love for people and give you a deeper understanding of the means by which He ministers to people.

Kindness also has a way of defusing conflict and mending broken trust. However, kindness on its own is not enough. God calls us to speak the truth as well as live out the truth, be sure you don't miss that.

3. Choose the hard road

Kindness isn't easy; it comes more naturally for some people, but in general, kindness is something that takes effort. Kindness is something that we strive towards as our sanctification progresses.

In situations of anger or hurt, kindness can seem to be an unreachable response, but Christ never said you would be able to do it on your own. He opened free communication between us and the father that we could bring these things to Him.

He will give you what you need to display God's kindness even in a difficult situation.

4. Develop a habit of kindness

After conversion, God begins to sanctify and through this lifelong process, He develops within you Godly habits.

These should produce Godly responses to every situation.  Not that we will respond perfectly every time, but that we will have a natural inclination to honor God through our conduct and words.

Therefore, I would encourage you today to make kindness a habit, not that it would lose all meaningfulness, but simply that it would become a natural manifestation of a wonderful gift of God.

Let me know about another key to daily kindness in the comments below!