5 Lies You Believe About Everyone Else

1. Everyone is Normal

You think you're pretty weird, don't you? Well, I agree with you. You are pretty weird, but so am I and so are your friends.

Your parents are weird too, but you already knew that. Where was I going with this?

Oh yeah, you're not normal and that awesome! God didn't create you to be exactly like everyone else.

If you start to think that everyone else is normal and you're the odd ball then I encourage you to remember that striving to conform to modern fads, styles, and trends will only leave you with a fading sense of belonging that can only truly be met by Jesus.

2. Everyone else is good at something . . . Really Important

Ok, I know you've thought this before.

You hear that one of your friends or acquaintances just won some award or got some kind of recognition and you think to yourself "why am I not good at anything important?".

I know I don't need to convince you that you're good at something because you hopefully already know that. You may be good at Marbles or Jacks but you are good at something.

Sorry for the dated references, let me think...

Ah, you may be good at fidget spinners or dabbing, but those "talents" aren't important in your mind. I'd have to agree.

However, let's dig a little deeper, beyond these silly games. You really are good at something important,  you just don't know it yet.

The problem is that you've adopted a worldly standard of importance. The world values monetizable talents, but God values more than that. He values a discerning spirit and a compassionate heart and that is just what he is creating in you. So, don't be weighed down by the world's standard, but rather break free to discover all that God has gifted you to become. These gifts represent "real importance" because they are from God. 

3. Everyone else is thriving in their Walk with God

This is a common one. 

The Christians calling is not an easy one, but some Christians sure have a way of making it look easy, at least on the exterior. We all know one of these people.

I'm not going to claim that these types of people are faking it because they may very well be thriving in their faith. I want to focus on you for a second. Here are 3 common responses to this belief:

      1. Blame

"God, why did you make it so hard for me and so easy for everyone else?"

    2. Self pity

"I'm just a terrible Christian, I struggle so much in my walk with the Lord"

    3. Jealousy 

"I wish I was thriving in my faith like they are"

I'm not going to go in depth right now on these different responses. However, I think the biggest issue here is a lack of understanding of what the Christian life actually looks like.

We get caught up in smiling faces and exuberant greetings at Church and we forget the struggles and ongoing battles with sin that rage within every believer.

The Christian life isn't one we can master, but by the grace of God, one we can live out even through struggle and temptation.

4. Everyone else is Free from Psychological issues 

You say,  "Hold your horses there buddy. I don't have any psychological issues"

Let me explain this one.

Psychological issues consist of problems in our mental and emotional functioning. Do you ever struggle with anxiety or worry, ever feel insignificant or feel insecure? Then you HAVE psychological issues. Period.

Believe me, these issues are common. We all have them.

However, mental and emotional issues tend to be locked away. Either out of shame or pride which makes issues like these seem less common than they actually are.

God knows all of our struggles and meets us, where we are at, as we work through them.

Furthermore, God did not only come to restore our soul but also our mind and thoughts. Though, He won't fully remake your mind and emotions right now, opening up to Him about you struggles can start the process of letting Him change you from the inside out.

5. Everyone else knows what They're supposed to be Doing 

So what?  So what if everyone knows what they're  supposed to be doing?

I realize that not everyone believes this; I want to focus on you.


I think you already know the answer to the question on a broad level, you might say something like the Westminster confession "Too glorify God and enjoy Him forever", but once again I want to dig deeper. Here are 3 points to help you figure out what you're supposed to be doing:

  1. Glorify God through work

  • A lot of life is work, you might like it, you might not. If you seek to glorify God through it regardless, it will give you a rejuvenated sense of purpose and vigor for life.

2. Serve others when you don't have time

  • Time is precious and when we truly believe that we'll use it for something important. Take time to serve, it helps keep things in perspective.

3. Be Faithful in the mundane

God may never have you start a huge ministry or preach in front of thousands of people, but He does call you to live a life of faithfulness.

Thank for reading!

Leave a comment with another lie we believe about everyone else!