Body & Soul: God's Care for Our Physical and Spiritual Needs

Body and Soul.

The two fundamental elements of our being.

The Body remains within a physical state, allowing us to move, act, and function on this earth.

The Soul (sometimes referred to as our spirit, heart, etc) is that of our spiritual and non-physical beingour emotions—our desires—our conscience.

There have been countless attempts by many to find ways to meet the needs of these unique aspects of our being.

Medical doctors, nurses, dietitians, chiropractors, and pharmacists all try to address and help meet the needs of our physical body.

Psychologists, therapists, counselors, and pastors are all interested in meeting the needs and dealing with the issues of our soul.

Although many of these professions are concerned with both, they do have a primary interest, being either the soul or the body.

We are Broken

In the face of all these attempts at ministering to the body and soul, we are met with the pervasive and unavoidable effects of sin on and within our being.

As a result of Adam and Eve's sin in the garden, sin has corrupted both our body and soul.

The Broken Body 

God created our bodies perfect, bodily decay was non-existent, there was no cancer. Our bodies functioned without the addition of modern medicine. Most of all, there was no death.

The physical body was not to fulfill selfish desires or commit evil deeds, but because of the effects of sin—these are realities that are present among us.

Sin has Broken our Body

The Broken Soul

In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve's soul with desires to obey and honor God—with a perfect conscience knowing right from wrong. He created our soul with emotions that were perfectly experienced to provide the richest of God's glory—with perfectly godly relational capabilities, where conflict and rejection never left someone hurt and empty.

However, as a result of the Fall, we have desires to serve ourselves, our conscience has become weak, our emotions have been corrupted, our relational tendencies now provide us with hurt and rejection.

Sin has Broken our Soul 

Common Grace to the Body 

Although, God has provided us all whether Christian or unbeliever with a common grace.

This common grace allows us to experience some semblance of our bodies intended purpose.

Most are able to live into old age. Some people do not get a disease and die young. Others are able to perform great feats, even in a body corrupted by sin.

This is all a result of God's common grace to our broken bodies.  

Common Grace to the Soul

Just as for the body, God has provided common grace to our soul. Though still broken, some do have healthy relationships, a strong conscience, and emotions that properly reflect reality and exhibit a taste of God's goodness.

This is all a result of God's common grace to our broken soul. 

God's Care for Us

Though common grace has been provided to everyone, God wants to care for His people beyond the bounds of common grace.

Though death will be no more when Jesus comes back, God is by no means content with your body being uncared for and misused.

Yes, our bodies will wither away, but God cares about every aspect of you, including your body.

With Christianity, we are keenly aware of the importance of the spiritual aspect of our being. We hear from pastors and Christian leaders about the necessity to turn to God to seek spiritual reconciliation through repentance and faith in Jesus.

This is so vitally important to preach and teach, but God is not only interested in the care of your soul, He is also in the care of your body!

God's Care for the Body and Soul

Our God is one who is concerned with every aspect of our being.

He wants our soul desires to be fulfilled in Him and our emotions to reflect that of their creator. He wants us to be reconciled to Him through the mediation of Jesus Christ.

He wants to care for our souls.

He wants us to honor Him with our bodies and treat them as one created in His image. He desires for us to eat, rest, and exercise that our bodies may be healthy.

He wants to care for every aspect of our being

Yes, our bodies and our souls have been corrupted, but God is so concerned with your body and soul,  He has given you the means to care for them through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the caretaker of our soul, restoring our desires, healthy emotions, and relational abilities. He comes into our lives to heal our brokenness. However, this work in us will not be complete until Jesus returns.

We still feel the influence of our broken soul, but we know the Holy Spirit is caring for it day by day. 

The Holy Spirit also plays a role in caring for our body.

God does heal. He does. 

He does not heal every personal ailment, because of this, it's sometimes tough to believe that God actually cares for our body—He does, and always has, even when we don't believe it.

He cares for our body in that he provides us with rest, food, and medicine to name a few. He is the caretaker of our body—we should treat it like he does.

However, God's care for us, whether to the body or the soul is uniquely ministered to each individual.

God always provides you with the care you need and believe me, He knows what your body and soul needs.

This week, know and believe that God cares for every aspect of your being—will you serve Him with every aspect of yours?

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