Disconnect: Church Kids Disconnected from Christ

Take a second and look around.

What do you see?

I see a multitude of churched young people.

They say great things about the Lord on Sunday, but forget His name on Monday.

If Jesus were to show up at their door, they might ask "Do I know you?". He was thinking the same thing.

They say they believe, but act like they forgot.

They here sermons of great theology, yet it fails to impact their lives daily.


They say they love God, but are quick to separate from him when tough questions are asked.


They live in good Christian families, but make sinful decision that make their parents question their parenting.


What's the problem?

Do these young people just not understand the gospel?

Do they just like the Christian club they grew up in?

This is the case for many of our friends who seemed to be in it for Christ, but start living like the world.

Sure they say the right things, but what does that mean to God? When they live counter to His commands.

You see, many people say they love God, but few live like they do. We will never live out God's commands perfectly as Christians, but we are progressively moving toward Christ, not away from Him.

It's tough. I don't know if I have an answer. Why do we say one thing and do another? I'm guilty of this too.

We need a heart change.

We need God to wake us up to this disconnect.

I believe many of the people I've talked about here don't understand the true gospel, some may understand yet reject it, but still like to have the Christian member card.

Nevertheless, there is a disconnect. It would be easy for me to just pass judgment on these people for their actions, but I believe we ought not waste time on our mission to preach the true, life changing message of the gospel to them.

Let God use you to help bridge the disconnect. Help them see Christ.

This disconnect can only be bridge by the power of God to change their hearts, God wants to use you to tell them of His good news.

But how to we do that?

Ask God to help you speak the truth in love, not in anger.

Ask God to help you understand where these people are at.

Ask God to change their hearts, only then will the disconnect be bridged.

Let God use you as he's vessel to help bring these people to genuine repentance and faith in order to bridge the gap.

This is my encouragement to you this week!