God's Design Dissected

God's Design

Again and again, God's design is displayed in our world. Furthermore, when a society conforms itself to God's design, it not only glorifies God but also has pragmatic results.

This is certainly not something that has been newly discovered. In fact, in the past, when God's design for the family, government, the community was adhered to, there have been noticeable pragmatic results.

For example, when a family follows God's design it provides the best environment to raise children that are more likely to contribute positively to society. This does not mean that someone would not succeed if they were raised in an environment that was not in accordance with Gods' design, but simply that it is more difficult to thrive in something other than God's design.

Now let me be clear, these pragmatic results are encouraging, but should NOT be the reason we adhere to God's design.

Here's what I mean

If you simply are looking for good results in your family relationships, government policy or community involvement, without an understanding that our purpose is not to achieve good results, you'll miss the whole point.

Our purpose is to glorify God, as a part of this, we are to submit ourselves to God's perfect design.

Good relationships, well-run government, and thriving communities are God-given mercies laid upon those who submit to God's design.

However, if we are simply in it for the result, we are bound to be disappointed eventually, because our desired result may not be in alignment with purposes of God.

Here's a fictional example

Let's say, for example, I'm in conflict with a friend. Me, trying to conform to God's design in regards to conflict resolution, try to resolve the situation in a godly manner. The problem is that I am only doing that because I think I will get my desired result so that the conflict will be resolved. But in this instance, my friend wasn't thrilled about the whole attempt. In other words, it didn't work. Well, I can have a couple of responses to this outcome.

1. I attempt to find an alternate ideology that might be more effective in this circumstance (i.e., from my perspective) to achieve my desired result 

2.  I realize that regardless of my view of the effectiveness of God's design, it must be adhered to because it is RIGHT and when followed brings glory to God 

I would hope that, in your circumstance, you would embrace the second response.

Furthermore, I would encourage you to embrace God's perfect design knowing that we obey NOT because God's way produces our desired result, but that we love to obey God's design because in that Christ is glorified!

Let me know some of your thoughts in the comments!