Story: The Gateway to the Heart

There she stood.

Trying to reconcile what she knew to be true and what she desired desperately to become her reality.

Stepping back into the life she knew seemed like the wrong choice, a perverse result of the mental state that she was in. Nevertheless, she courageously stepped out of the safety of her mind into the world she withdrew from.

She moved one step closer to reality. One decision that seemed to take an eternity, but in reality, it was a mere moment.


It moves us to think, ponder, and explore.

It prompts us to identify right and wrong, as it guides us to seek for answers.

It encourages us to look beyond the mere pages of the book or moving pictures on a screen and look further—into our very own lives.

Don't believe me?

I didn't either for a long time.

In my mind, as a kid, there was nothing quite as useless and unproductive as reading a story.

Sure there were a couple storybook here and there that I liked and spent time reading—but

those instances were few and far between.

I think the fact that I had trouble reading as a kid also played into my distaste for story books. I would think—why read about something that never happened?

Notice, I was not totally opposed to a story if it actually happened—I'd be all over it. I liked story within movies, but still, it took me until my teen years to begin to truly grasp the power that a story holds.

Today—I love stories!

You know what's awesome?

So does God!

God has created us to be drawn in by the journey within a story. He has created us as relational beings, in that, we can relate to and begin to care for characters within a story.

God has created us as moral beings—we want the bad guy to lose and the hero to beat him—we want justice to be served within a story.

We want the characters to fulfill their purpose and take on their journey with courage.

In some ways, what we want of them—is what we want of ourselves.

We wish we could take on our own journey with courage.

Moreover, that our journey would be exciting yet not too unpredictable—suspenseful yet not too uncomfortable.

However, that's not how we like the stories that we read or watch.

We don't want to read a boring story, one that is predictable and we definitely don't want a to watch a story that is only comfortable for the characters.

So what's the difference between the stories we enjoy and our story?

In the stories we enjoy, we're okay with suspense, unpredictability, and even the possibility that we may not really like where the story goes because we wish to experience what the storyteller wants to tell us—what he wants to show us.

In a sense, we trust the storyteller enough to give him the ability to speak into our lives through the powerful means of a story.

Just as in the stories we enjoy, we ought to love the story we're apart of. Even in the midst of suspense, unpredictability, and hardship, we can look towards the Storyteller for what He wants to show us.

We can trust Him that his purposes will be fulfilled through our story, which is really His story.

God love stories so much that He has used and continues to use stories to draw His people to Himself.

Just as God, the ultimate Storyteller wants us to live out His thrilling, scary, exciting, sad, joyful story—He desires more people to be drawn to Him to live out their story.

God uses the power of story to draw people into the story God has for them.

Story: the gateway to the heart

Recall the stories you have enjoyed, the stories that have moved you, the stories that have taught you.

Good stories speak in the language of the heart, they prompt us to journey with the characters.

Likewise, God speaks to us through the stories around us—He speaks to our heart, prompting us to journey within His story for us.

Though we know it may be surprising, suspenseful, exciting, tragic, and tough, we trust the Storyteller—He knows the ending.

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