Your Phone Is Ruining Your Life: 3 Tips to Take Back Your Time

Take a look around you, if you're in a public place then I guarantee you will see that at least 80% of those around are looking at their phone, and you're one of them!

Technology has been a great gift from God that can be used in many ways that are not only productive but God-glorifying.

However, the smartphone revolution has led many of us into an anti-social existence.

Not only that, but for many of us, our phone has become an integral part of our lives to the point where it is causing us to be less productive, less social, and less conscientious with how we use our time.

LESS Productive- Our phone has the ability to enhance productivity if we use it right. However, most of us fill our phone with social media, games, and other distractions that train our mind to be less content with quiet study, hard work, and generally getting important things done.

LESS Social- You know this is true, it is much easier to play on our phone scrolling social media, looking at articles, or posting pictures, then it is to have a real meaningful conversation with a real person, in person. Because of this, we use our phone as a way to escape situations instead of putting effort into making connections.

LESS Conscientious- Do you honestly know how much time you spend on your phone, do you even want to know? Our phone has a way of muddling our awareness of time. Turning a quick study break into a 20-minute social media stocking expedition. (I don't recommend this by the way.)

I know this is not a surprise to you, in fact, it is the norm in our culture.

How do we take our time back from our phone?

1. Don't carry your phone all the time

  • But you say "What if someone tries to call me?", call them back later! This really isn't a big deal for the vast majority of people unless you are in a very unique situation. This tip is based on simple logic; if you don't have your phone, you don't have the ability to go on it, and thus you can actually interact with the world around you and be cognizant of reality. Moreover, time wasting on your phone will be tough if you don't have your phone!

2. Don't use your phone as a quick fix for boredom

  • This is super prevalent nowadays. We have the ability to have our brain constantly stimulated and thus never experience the scary sensation of BOREDOM. Whenever we feel even the slightest inkling of boredom, we are quick to pull out our phone without any real objective in mind other than vanquishing this boredom.

3. Keep track of your phone usage for 24 hours

  • This is my challenge to you. In doing this, you may come to the reality that your perception of how you use your time is out of whack. Take this as a wake-up call and act on it! Time is a precious gift from God and allowing our phone to steal it is direct disobedience to our Creator. Take back your time, become aware of how you use it and how you can better use it today!

If our phones have a grasp on us that we know is unhealthy, today, let's choose to make more God-honoring decisions about how we use our time on this earth!

Song of the Week -  Josh Garrels- Farther Along

Thanks for reading! Below, let me know how you keep your phone in check in your daily life! Thanks!